This convenient sampler case makes it easy to try each of our upholstery cleaning products.

Case Includes

Food Beverage and Protein Remover
This professional cleaner removes tough stains like blood, grass, food, and beverage stains, and even urine. Use this for stains like mayonnaise, salad dressing, and vegetable oil. 24oz. spray bottle.

Ink, Iodine and Grease Remover
This professional cleaner removes the toughest stains like ink, iodine, grease, markers, and red stains. 24oz. spray bottle.

Fabric Freshener
This professional strength product removes odors on fabrics. A neutral quaternary disinfectant on non-porous surfaces and is engineered to safely clean and leave upholstery and any room smelling fresh and clean. 24oz. spray bottle.

Upholstery Brush
This compact upholstery brush was developed specifically for use on soft textiles without damaging fabric. Soft, black bassine fibers in a rigid polyethylene block provide the proper agitation.

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