Our multi-point locking system is a hinged bar that becomes an integral part of the file cabinet. The locking bar swings clear of the drawer openings when unlocked. This system uses an inner slide bar that interlocks with a specially designed locking lugs at every drawer opening locking each drawer.

Our multiple locking system eliminates torque found in devices that lock at top and bottom only. Access to adjacent file cabinets is not restricted whether they are locked or unlocked. Since the lock is a part of the cabinet, there is no lifting or storing of heavy and dangerous bars.


  • Available in 1 (11″), 2 (21.5″), 3 (33.5″), 4 (45″) and 5 (56″) drawer versions
  • Meets every security requirement of the Department Of Defense‚Äôs Industrial Security Manual for safeguarding classified information
  • Both inner and outer bar are finished in powder-coat acrylic enamel
  • Constructed from heavy 16-gauge formed steel
  • Accommodates a padlock with shackle size up to 5/16″


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Weight 40 oz

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