Economical small parts storage systems keep parts easily identified. Open hopper front bins with label area, provide fast access to stored items. This all-in-one unit is easy to clean and will not rust or corrode. Heavy duty, high grade shelving with a 350 lb. capacity per shelf. 36” wide shelving has a smooth powder coat finish. Bins are available in Blue, Yellow, Red, Green, Ivory or Black. Please specify color. One bin color per unit.

Twelve QSB 100, eight QSB 101, five QSB 102, four QSB 107, or three QSB 109 fit across a standard 36″ wide” x 12″ deep shelf.

Eight QSB 103, five QSB 104, four QSB 108, three QSB 110 fit across as a standard 36″ x 18″ deep shelf.

18″ x 36″ x 75″ Unit, 7 Shelves
Model Number Number of Bins Bin Size L x W x H
1875-103 96 (QSB 103) 17-7/8″x4-1/8″x4″
1875-104 60 (QSB 104) 17-7/8″x6-5/8″x4″
1875-108 48 (QSB 108) 7-7/8″x2-3/8″x4″
1875-110 36 (QSB 110) 7-7/8″x2-1/8″x4″
1875-000 No Bins

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Quantum® Economical Bin Unit – Model 1875

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